Next Gen is here

Future proof your network with 10G SDN-ready access switches

Zero trust security

Scada Security, Network Intrusion Detection System, Explore 10 great security products

Khouse Lifecycle Management

Trade in your excess hardware and upgrade between brands while lowering your environmental footprint.

Active Ethernet P2P

Future proof your network with netconf-enabled SDN switches designed for the nordic markets. Temp hardened with field replaceable power supplies and multiple port densities

Green Networks PON

PON based alterantives to Active ethernet can save up to 70% all-costs considered, includes several security benefits to AE and makes networks environmentally friendly

Network Accessories, SFPs, Patch Cables

Any port, any distance and any brand at a fraction of the cost with PEAK original modules and Patch Cables

Peak Secure SCADA

Protect critical infrastructure with a secure perimeter using hardware partitioning

Peak VSA

Storage platform SAN/NAS deeply integrated with ZFS

Lifecycle Managment

Upgrade BETWEEN brands with our trade-in programs, we offer one of the fastest turnarounds in the market